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Eater San Diego, by Candice Woo January 24, 2020

Ramen and Sake Specialist Arriving...

Robb Report, by Alyson Sheppard September 20, 2019

Inside the Debut of Las Vegas's Newest Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Restaurant

The New York Times, by Debra Kamin January 17, 2019

At Hidden Fish in San Diego, the Dance of the Omakase

Restaurant Development + Design Magazine June 6, 2017

EATER SAN DIEGO, by Meredith Bethune  Jun 21, 2016, 3:30pm EDT

Try 20 Different Toppings at Jinya Ramen Bar, Opening Today

Eater Las Vegas, by Susan Stapleton September 27, 2019

Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Arrives in Las Vegas

Eater San Diego, by Candice Woo July 24, 2019

Tajima Ramen Empire To Expand and Add Fried Chicken Shop

EATER SAN DIEGO by Tierney Plumb  Sep 12, 2017, 5:10pm EDT

Find $7 Cocktails and Two Bars at the Spacious New Jinya Ramen Shop

The Washington Post, by Becky Krystal June 20, 2016

Prepare to slurp at the Mosaic District’s new Jinya Ramen Bar

EATER SAN DIEGO, by Candice Woo  Sep 25, 2015, 12:50pm PDT

Take a Gander at JINYA Ramen's First San Diego Noodle Bar

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